Arthur Schopenhauer said :

"A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants"


how to flash the ROM to the phone memory ?

- install Android SDK  ( because you need "tools" from it)
- install phone drivers by Android Manager

now add SDK to path so Windows will know where to search for adb / fastboot tools

-even reboot


now first step is to check :

1.are drivers installed correctly ?
2.adb is working ?

for this strart/run /cmd.exe
then  connect phone to PC activating USB debugging then input

adb devices then press Enter you should get something like this
123456789ABCDEFG devices 

it means your adb service is started and drivers are installed

out of curiosity here is a list of all drivers installed


- you are ready now to flash it so remove battery wait a few seconds insert it then try boot in fastboot mode :
- press Power
- when your hear a buzz from phone release power and press at the same time Vol Down + Menu and wait a few seconds then release it now screen is black maybe some leds are working .. now you are in fastboot mode
-copy recovery.img to your working folder no matter where is it if you added adb /fastboot to system path in this example I copy recovery.img to C:/android/android-sdk/platform-tools  just to be sure ( fastboot.exe is located in this folder for me -check yours )

start cmd.exe and change directory to that folder use cd command in this case

cd C:/android/android-sdk/platform-tools

now input fastboot devices - another check to see everything is ok
then flash recovery to phone

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

well done !


remove battery use an sdcard reader to copy ROM file to sdcard
start phone after buzz press Vol UP + Menu till you get this window

use vol up /vol down /menu to navigate /select options

to flash ROM file select install zip from sdcard  then select ROM file and wait ... then return to this window by "back" - sensor key  and select reboot system now 

well that's all about !


1.never flash this ROM if not your phone you can damage the phone- about drives included in kernel/ boot.img it works only for Alcatel OT-908 ( S, F, A variants too ) 

2. another way to check if everything is OK about drivers before to flash recovery
-connect phone to PC with USB debugging active and check Device Manager for ADB Interface

3. now you have a working phone with Robinson ROM (this procedure works for Move ROM too)
but how to move everything to sdcard /ext partition in order to get so much free space on internal memory ?
well, first step is to use CWM Recovery to prepare sdcard  so get into Recovery menu and select

--->Advanced----> Partition SD Card

set ext size = 512 MB (even more, it depends of your sdcard size remember here will be all your apps )
set swap size= 32 MB (it is enough )
and takes a while ...after finishing  press back (sensor button) to get main menu and select reboot phone

now, to move  Dalvik-cache/ app data/ apps to the new created /ext partition you read this post


  1. Salut.
    Am facut identic ca aici..
    problema.. Apare scris ALCATEL one touch si se opreste. Nu stiu ce are. Este un alcatel de la Orange.
    Merge recovery
    Ce sa fac?

  2. Thank you for the really good description .
    My OT-908 work now like a charm with the 'Move' Rom.